Array series

Light-based sculptural installations.

The Array series explores the transformation of form and volume through time and perception. These works are composed of an array of points made up of led lights. These points are arranged in lines and turn on and off sequentially, creating the illusion of a moving light.

At first, these points of light seem to move vertically or horizontally independently of each other. As more points light up, a shared movement becomes gradually apparent. We stop seeing isolated elements moving independently and start perceiving them as part of a whole. While being on a flat surface, their subtle variation in intensity creates the impression of depth. The artwork unfolds in time and progressively reveals a three-dimensional volume in motion, before gradually fading away again into isolated points.

The Array installations use as few elements as possible to capture the moment when the shift between two states of perception happens. This precise moment is different for each observer and it takes place not because the object is physically transformed, but because perception has modified our understanding of it.