Exposure Time

Site-specific installation. Projected light, architecture.
Adhoc Raum. Bochum, DL. 2019

Exposure Time was designed for the Adhoc Raum exhibition space in Bochum, Germany. Minimalist, the artwork plays with the perfect symmetry of the exhibition room which was created in two former garages. Directly projected on the wall, two times flow side by side. One is a countdown timer, the other a stopwatch. Two ways of apprehending the passing of time, which point out its subjectivity. These times are those of the duration of the exhibition and the artwork, 35 days, 1 hour and 0 seconds. As a visitor, we look at our time of presence in the exhibition, but also the one of our own life, which seems to be suspended or to slip away from us depending on whether we linger on the seconds or on the days.