kinematope [paisaje técnico]

Site-specific installation. Light, shadow, sound, silence, architecture.
Fundación Telefónica, Madrid, ES. 2016

kinema-: motion (from gr. kínêma)
-tope: place (from gr. topos)

Kinematope [paisaje técnico] takes as its starting point the false ceiling of the exhibition space where conduits, pipes, cables and machinery circulate.

The work delineates the three hundred meters of wiring that distribute the electricity across the room and are vital for its use and operation. The intervention reveals a landscape of installations that brings energy, light, air, water and data to the building and which, despite their functional significance and formal interest, are hidden from view.

The relationship between this technical landscape and the space to which it gives service is comparable to a invisible network connecting different points in space-time, a kind of nervous system that enables the communication and operation of the parts as a whole.

Kinematope [paisaje técnico] uses light, shadow, sound and silence to make a film in space.
It appropriates and reconfigures elements of the cinematographic apparatus: the projection system and the frame progression are reorganised into a sequence of light and sound deployed linearly in space. The flat screen is transformed into a three-dimensional screen: the walls, floor and ceiling of the room.

The observer actively modulates the experience with the movement of their body in real space. Kinematope spatialises the projection system, dissolving the frame of the screen and transforming the passive spectator into an active observer, integrating the cinematic virtual experience into reality.